Home Company Procedures Checklist of Strike off Limited Liablity Partnership

Checklist of Strike off Limited Liablity Partnership

Checklist of Strike off Limited Liability Partnership


File e-form 24 with following documents:

a) Copy of Detailed Application – Mention full details of LLP plus reasons for closure

b) Copy of Authority to Make the Application – The person who is making application must     be authorized by all the partners to make such application.

c) Copy of Consent of all Partners – Self-Explanatory.

d) Copy of Consent of all Creditors– if no creditor than Certify that that LLP have NIL             Creditor.

e) Copy of the undertaking/ indemnity bond for striking off name Indemnity bond.

f) Copy of statement of assets and liabilities duly certified as true and correct by
auditor/chartered accountant in practice

g) Copy of acknowledgement of latest Income tax return- Self Explanatory LLP older less       than a year cannot be strike off.

h) Copy of undertaking/Affidavit by the designated partner should on stamp paper for           striking off name of the LLP.


1. An application is required to be made in e-Form 24 to the Registrar of Companies for
Striking off the name of the LLP under clause (b) of sub rule 1 of Rule 37 of LLP Rules
2008 with the consent of all partners.

2. The Registrar shall publish a notice on its website as to the content of the application       for a period of one month for the notice of the general public.

3. Application submitted to be supported by Indemnity Bonds to indemnify any person
legally claiming after the LLP to be strike off and duly sworn Affidavits declaring all the
information provided and statements given to be true, from all partners.

4. Application filed also to be supported by approvals or No Objection Certificates from
concerned Regulatory Authorities with which the LLP is registered. For eg. LLP engaged
in or registered with RBI for Banking Business has to obtain NOC from RBI before
winding up of its affairs.

5. The Registrar, where he has sufficient cause to believe that the limited liability
partnership has any asset or liability, satisfy himself that sufficient provision has been
made for the realization of all amount due to the limited liability partnership and for         the payment or discharge of its liabilities and obligations by the limited liability                 partnership within a reasonable time and, if necessary, obtain necessary undertakings       from the designated partner or partner or other persons in charge of the management       of the limited liability partnership


6. On the expiry of period of one month, the Registrar may, by an order, unless cause to       the contrary is shown by the limited liability partnership, strike its name off the               register, and shall publish notice thereof in the Official Gazette, and on the publication     in the Official Gazette of this notice, the limited liability partnership shall stand                 dissolved.